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2019 Concurrent Sessions

Concurrent Sessions

Service Lines, Marketing Leaders and Physician Outreach – a Recipe for Internal Collaboration (Mitzi Kent, Barlow McCarthy)
Everyone wants the right growth, yet internal synergy may or may not exist. This session will highlight case study examples from community and academic hospitals that fine-tuned processes to align internal service line leaders, administration, marketing, recruitment and physician relations to work with the external providers – plus share best practices to develop comprehensive growth plans with internal accountabilities for success.

With all the Millennial Hype, Don’t Forget about the Baby Boomers (Gene Petersen, Frederick Swanston Advertising)
These days, the Baby Boomer generation tends to be overlooked, but they are still an important consumer segment. Just like millennials this generation is huge in size, interested in experiences, owns digital devices and is active on social media. And since 60% of most hospital admissions are Medicare patients, this is a segment that hospitals cannot forget. Hear how an active adult senior real estate community uses targeted messaging and media to generate leads and drive engagement. Learn lessons from outside healthcare that can help drive hospital admissions and encourage loyal customers.

Creating a Culture of Safety in Healthcare - (Dan Dunlop, Jennings Co. and Lorraine McGrath, Signature Healthcare)
Patient safety is usually at the top of the list in importance for healthcare organizations, but for one medical group, learning that their own employees didn’t think safety ranked high on their leaders’ list of priorities was a wake-up call.  Discover how this hospital’s marketing team worked with its leadership team to change internal perceptions by developing a multifaceted internal communications program and positioning safety and a culture of safety as top priorities.

Insights and Ideas to Level Up Your Marketing Content - (Eric Silberman and Jane Crosby, True North Custom)
Discover how to drive brand and revenue growth through an integrated content strategy designed to meet your audiences where they are in the decision cycle. Whether competing for commercially insured consumers or engaging physicians to drive referrals, you'll learn the most effective way to plan, develop, and distribute content across channels to deliver maximum ROI. The session will feature case studies from healthcare market leaders who are leveraging content to effectively support brand awareness, patient acquisition, and other business objectives.

Beyond the Boost: Paid Social Strategy to Maximize Your ROI - (Sarah Pinnix, Appalachian Regional Healthcare)
Want to implement a paid social advertising strategy, but scared about the costs, complexity, and ROI you may get? Facebook advertising can be a powerful tool in accomplishing your business goals. But it’s hard to know how to use these tools effectively so you are not wasting money. Whether you’re spending $10 or $10,000, discover proven tactics to create less expensive, more effective ads for Facebook (and other social platforms).

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • When to simply boost a post and when to design a full campaign
  • How to create dynamic custom audiences who will be more interested in your ads
  • Which type of audience performs best with different campaign objectives
  • How to measure and evaluate ROI and get the most out of your budget


Understanding the Voice of the Digital Customer: A Vital Piece of Your Evolving MarTech Stack - (Kathy Divis, Greystone)
The Voice of the Digital Customer (VoDC) is an evolving science and an area of growing importance to healthcare marketers in this era of rising consumerism. Today’s customers are always-on, always-connected and have high expectations of self-service, quick response and convenience. In this session, learn why a VoDC solution is important, how it fits into your organization’s MarTech stack, how your digital footprint impacts your brand reputation, the elements of an effective program and how to start building a solution for your organization.

Social Media Innovation and Strategy in a Conservative Industry - (Alan Jenkins, Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System)
The social media space begs for innovation and storytelling – two areas that health care executives don’t always respond well to. Spartanburg Regional experts describe how they balance innovation and caution through a dedicated storytelling website and 27 social media channels.

Stand Up For ENC- (Chad Campbell,Erica Mizelle, Jason Lowry, Vidant Health)
When the North Carolina state treasurer announced drastic changes to how hospitals and providers would be reimbursed for patients using the State Health Plan, Vidant Health launched a comprehensive campaign using every available tactic within its public relations, marketing, government relations, social and traditional media arsenal. The “Stand Up For ENC” campaign energized and activated more than 14,000 health system employees and hundreds of community members, to include business leaders in 29 counties and many of the region’s elected representatives. Hear from Vidant’s marketing team how their tireless work prevented harmful cuts to hospitals for 2020 and has prevented $77 million in cuts to health care in eastern North Carolina in the short term.

Sex and Sensibility : Getting the Media to Talk about that Thing No One Wants to Talk About - (Rachel Sutherland, Rachel Sutherland Communications)
Women's health care is highly competitive in Charlotte, so how does one OB/GYN practice stand out? Rachel Sutherland will dive deep into her client’s PR campaign targeting pre-and-post menopausal women. Though it made some blush, talking frankly about sex and sexuality through strategic PR placements resulted in national media attention and greater brand awareness.

Yes, You Can Create Your Own Podcast (John Campanelli, Metro Health)
The popularity of podcasts is soaring, and it’s no surprise. The smartphone revolution has transformed our idle time – in the car, at the kitchen sink, on the treadmill or in the yard – into listening time. Earbuds are a literal connection from podcast creators to the minds of an audience eager for compelling content. When done well, podcasts connect, teach and stir emotion with a power unlike any other medium. You already know that your hospital or health system has no shortage of powerful stories – stories that will show your compassion and expertise, elevate your institution and caregivers, and move your audience. Now it’s time to tell those stories. Learn how Cleveland’s public hospital system planned, created, launched and marketed its own podcast, in-house, without costly vendors or equipment. You might enter this session intimidated at the thought of creating a podcast. You’ll exit empowered and excited.

How Market Research Should Drive Successful Strategy - (Sheri Sorrell, Frederick Swanston Advertising)
Market research is crucial for not only understanding customers’ perception and awareness of your brand, but understanding the emotional drivers that they associate with your brand. How can you ask the right questions and show results to get the attention of the CEO and physicians? Understand different methodologies to ascertain consumer opinion, learn about some best practices for research-driven strategy, and uncover how to understand your place in the market.

Hispanics Represent a Must-Win Consumer Segment/Is Your Brand Ready? - (Ramon Nieves-Lugo, UniComm Media Group)
The Hispanic population today accounts for 18% of the total population in the United States. Is your organization adequately prepared to reach out to the rapidly-growing Hispanic market, communicate your brand and transcend the language barrier?  Discover a simple, yet powerful way to look at the Hispanic market, both in terms of demographics and their media consumption behaviors.

CRM Case Study - (Panel Discussion)
Kimberly McCollum & Jessica Puder

Customer relationship management (CRM) can significantly impact patient relationships and profitability. This session will share insights and best practices using CRM from experts at Medical University of South Carolina and Roper St. Francis Healthcare. Learn how to leverage your data, effectively target prospects, measure the success of your campaign, and what’s needed to launch a CRM campaign at your own organization.

How to Build an In-House Media Relations Program - (Heather Woolwine, MUSC)

Let’s face it folks; while the digital age is clearly a blessing in helping us spread the good news about our organizations, it’s also brought with it the curse of clutter. Newsrooms are low on staff, time and resources, and frankly, so are all of us. With a strong in-house newsroom platform and media relations team working in concert, you can cut through the clutter and meet the needs of overburdened journalists, resulting in more frequent placement and publication of organizational strategic key messages. Join us for a session that will highlight MUSC’s philosophical approach to storytelling and ways to produce, coordinate and place content that maximizes its reach and impact. You’ll hear how the MUSC approach progressed over time, guiding principles, how the team navigated challenges and obstacles, and some successful examples created by the MUSC team. Whether you have a big budget or no budget, this session will provide you with a customizable roadmap for strengthening your own in-house newsroom and media relations work.

Courageous Creative: How Your Brand Can Leverage Great Creative to Get Attention, Build Loyalty and Yield Strong Results - (Tim Roberts, Franklin Street)
Nobody cares about your brand. While that may sound harsh, it’s an important truth to understand when creating ads. There is however, good news. Awesome advertising can do more than just make people care—it can make people prefer and even LOVE your brand! But it takes more than an imaginative ad agency to make it happen. It takes courageous brands who demand better creative! In this session, we’ll showcase the world's best creative executions from the healthcare and non-healthcare category and explain what makes them great. We’ll show you case studies from some of the largest brands in the world, as well as smaller brands that leveraged great creative to win genuine admiration and convert customers.

Online Appointment Scheduling (Panel Discussion)
Nichole Stevens, Roper St. Francis; Tiffany Lindemann and Amanda Fowler, OrthoCarolina
Healthcare consumers are demanding frictionless access to care. As health systems build out their digital front doors, online appointment scheduling has been the missing link. In this presentation, learn how a health system is not only responding to the need for better patient access, but also using it as an advantage in a competitive market. Roper St. Francis and OrthoCarolina will share now they’ve tied OAS into their marketing campaigns to create awareness and drive appointments for primary care and specialists across their network. Roper will also provide insights on how they were able to accurately match patients and providers in real time, while meeting the unique needs for each provider’s scheduling rules.

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