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2019 Keynote Presentations

2019 Keynote Presentations

Weds. 11/20

Content Marketing: Integrating Storytelling Into Partnerships

Mark Shelley, Vice President of Marketing and Communications

Lexington Medical Center, West Columbia, South Carolina

We all know the power of stories. We’ve experienced it in our lives at some point.  Whether you grew up listening to your parents read fairy tales, whether you read adventure books under the covers with a flashlight long past your bedtime, whether you talk with friends for hours over food and drinks…or you spend hours sitting in a movie theater watching a tale onscreen… or you binge-watch an entire season of a show in a weekend….stories are essential to our communications. They make content relatable, understandable and personable. Mark Shelley, vice president of Marketing and Communications at Lexington Medical Center, shares how his team integrates storytelling into their media partnerships and corporate partnerships.

Thurs. 11/21

Crisis Communications TBD
UNC Charlotte

Fri. 11/22

Blurred Lines – Marketing and Ethics in the Brave New World
Daniel Fell, Corner Street

In this hyper-connected, always on, big data world, marketers are armed with more powerful data and tools than ever before turning us into social engineers who can not only shape messages and mediums but even the behaviors and actions of consumers. In doing so, we increasingly face challenging ethical decisions for everything from who and how we target to how we market our products and services. Marketing ethics are becoming paramount in many of the common everyday practices and options we deploy including electronic medical records, healthcare apps, wearable smart devices, voice-activated virtual assistants, real-time social apps and monitoring devices, digital retargeting tactics, data mining and customer profiling.