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2021 – Mapping a Multi-year Digital Strategy

Mapping a Multi-year Digital Strategy

Weds. 11/17

Kimberly Gibson, Reason One

Does your healthcare system follow a digital strategy, or do you make updates, upgrades

and launch new web properties ad-hoc? If you’re in the latter camp, you likely suffer from

the effects of disorganization and reactive thinking, which can lead to disarray and


Having a well-thought-out digital strategy will help you prioritize, budget, resource,

measure success and incrementally improve in alignment with your healthcare system’s

overall corporate strategy. In this session, you’ll learn how to get started with developing a

one-, three- and five-year strategy, how to get buy-in (and who should be at the table), as well as walk through a healthcare digital roadmap.

  • How to get started: Information gathering, alignment with your healthcare organization’s overall strategy, and why having a digital strategy is vital to the success of your organization as a whole
  • How to get buy-in: Who needs to be involved in setting the strategy, both internally and externally, understanding audiences and ahead-of-the-curve trends, communicating overall value of the roadmap internally
  • Digital evolution: The role of your technology stack in your strategic roadmap, how to evaluate if your current technology for the long-haul
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