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2021 – ROI in Healthcare

ROI in Healthcare: Tracking from Lead to Patient to Revenue

Weds. 11/17

Meghan Foreman Dimas, Infinity Marketing

As the landscape continues to change, patients have more options than ever for healthcare and health systems have more ways to track information than ever. Marketing is either viewed as an expense or an investment–the goal is to prove it is a business driver with the focus on driving growth and volume faster than incurring costs enterprise-wide. Data serves as the heartbeat of healthcare marketing efforts, but how do you prove that marketing is fruitful in driving new patient acquisition? What does it cost to acquire a new patient into a priority service line?

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • How to successfully and sustainably automate your data ecosystem to measure ROI and prove efficiency and effectiveness to scale
  • How to overcome limitations in CRM systems and other platforms and the notion of the “single source of truth”
  • What metrics to track at every stage along the continuum of care to determine the true value of marketing and the impact of each patient across service lines
  • How to build a roadmap to success between a lead and downstream activity tied to business goals and trackable marketing objectives
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