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2021 – Why Analytics Is Your Secret Weapon for Digital Storytelling

Why Analytics Is Your Secret Weapon for Digital Storytelling

Weds. 11/17

Stephen Fogg, Fogg Media

We often face many challenges when creating a powerful marketing strategy and promoting our healthcare organization to potential patients and their advocates. We’re often working with smaller marketing budgets and fewer resources compared to our larger competitors. Yet, we still need to stay compliant within the legal limitations of healthcare marketing while standing apart from our competition. One of the most critical questions is, how can you talk WITH your patients and not AT them to really trigger their interest, again and again?

During this session, we will highlight three key learning objectives

  • Discover how to use your digital data to understand who your audience is and how to discover qualitative traits that makes your content stand out
  • Learn DIY tricks in content creation and what specifically stands out in the eyes of search engines
  • How do you get targeted content in front of potential patients? We’ll show you best practices in how and where to distribute this content and share real world success stories practices that implement this strategy to become the #1 choice for their patients and supporters
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