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2021 – Women’s Health Strategic Planning

Women’s Health Strategic Planning

Weds. 11/17

Vicki Lucas, Women’s Health Business Consultants

Women make 85 percent of healthcare decisions for their families and hold the “purse strings” to healthcare purchasing. They are the “front door” to your health system through obstetrics services and account for most surgeries, orthopedic, neurology, oncology and cardiac patients. In other words, women are by far your most important customer!

This session will focus on women’s preferences for: marketing and communications strategies; healthcare research and analysis; and decision-making processes. Trends in women’s health volume projections and product development will be discussed in order to quantify the direct and downstream value of women’s health. Case studies of hospitals and health systems with successful women’s health strategic planning will be shared. Audience participation will be encouraged through the case study analysis and a question-and-answer session.

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