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John L. Thomason Award

Excellence in Marketing, Communications & Community Service

John-ThomassonThe John L. Thomason Award is the highest honor presented by CHPRMS. John L. Thomason was a founding member of the Carolinas Healthcare Public Relations & Marketing Society (CHPRMS). He proudly served as the society's president in 1975. In addition to his service to CHPRMS, Mr. Thomason was the director of public relations at Spartanburg Regional Medical Center from 1969-1986.

John Thomason's strong belief in professional excellence never went unnoticed by his family, friends and colleagues. After his death in 1986, his wife created the John Thomason Award of Excellence to honor outstanding marketing and communications professionals who are also leaders in their community.

Nominations for the award are made by CHPRMS members. The submissions are reviewing by a panel of past winners who then select the winner and announce the recipient at the fall conference. Nominations are submitted in writing to the society's president on the official nomination form before each annual fall conference.

Congratulations to the past recipients of the John L. Thomason Award:

2021 - Dan Dunlop 2003 – Jamie Adair
2020 - No award given 2002 – Joan Carroza
2019 - Juana Abernathy 2001 – No award given
2018 - No award given 2000 – Stacey Brown
2017 - Gillian Baker 1999 – No award given
2016 - Kati Everett 1998 – Judy C. Smith
2015 - No award given 1997 – Renee Romberger
2014 - Allison Greene and Peggy Kane 1996 – Betty Hinson
2013 – Lee Brower 1995 – Emerson Smith
2012 – No award given 1994 – Keith Thomason
2011 – Michele Affronte-McCausland 1993 – Jo Carol Torrez
2010 – Alan Taylor 1992 – Phil Whitesell
2009 – Eric Fletcher 1991 – Linda Staunch
2008 – Dan Corrigan (posthumously) 1990 – Eston Clark
2007 – Don Dalton 1989 – Bill Stancil
2006 – Andre LaCroix 1988 – Pat Mebane
2005 – Clinton Weaver 1987 – Elliot Taylor
2004 – Julian Gibbons 1986 – Nancy Seymour & Marthanna Banks

Submit a Nomination Today

Do you know someone who is deserving of the John L. Thomason Award of Excellence?

Selection criteria includes:

Member of CHPRMS organization (may be awarded posthumously)

Proven excellence in the field of healthcare marketing or communications

Demonstrated involvement in professional, civic, community and volunteer organizations


Nominations are due August 31. Please email your form to: chprms.membership@gmail.com.