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DTC Perspectives, Inc.

About Us

DTC Perspectives, Inc. hosts a number of conferences in the healthcare marketing space. We host a Hospital Marketing National Conference in June here in Atlanta.

The Hospital Marketing National features presentations from key thought-leaders in the marketing field from leading advertising agencies, media companies, PR firms, and health care providers. This event discusses best practices in marketing your hospital, how to best choose your media mix, developing excellent campaigns, and highlighting your key healthcare practice areas. Great case studies, creative campaign planning discussions, and thought-leader forums will help you enhance your creative and get more ROI for your advertising dollar.

The Hospital Marketing National Conference focuses entirely on marketing execution, by providing concrete examples and case studies of best-in-class marketing. Nearly all of our case studies feature award-winning campaigns and are designed to provide actionable insight that you can immediately apply to make strong marketing and advertising campaigns. All presentations show great creative, and not only explain what took place in the campaign, but what insight was gleaned and how you, as a marketer, can utilize it in your own campaigns.

Who Should Attend This Event?

  • Hospital and Urgent Care Center Marketers
  • PR and Media Representatives for Health Care Providers
  • Marketers at Healthcare Networks
  • Advertising Agency Account Managers and Creatives
  • Mass and Ethnic┬áMedia Companies
  • Media Buyers
  • Multicultural Marketers
  • Government Officials and Policy Makers
  • Patient-Centered Medical Home Providers
  • Hospital and Point of Care Media
  • NGOs
  • Local, State, and Federal Health Departments

Areas of Expertise

We are experts in healthcare marketing. We host a national-in-scope hospital marketing conference as well as a podcast series that gets sent out to our database of nearly 7,000 people who work in the industry. We are always looking for participants to speak at our conferences as well as on our podcast.

We love giving leaders in the space a platform to share their thoughts, leaving other marketers better educated, and, ultimately, making the hospital experience better for the patient.

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