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About Us

Kyruus delivers provider data management, smart search and scheduling solutions to help hospitals and health systems match patients with the providers best suited to care for them. Our solutions are currently deployed across the country at over 350 hospitals and managing over 120,000 providers.  The ProviderMatch suite of solutions—for consumers, access centers, and referral networks—enables a consistent patient experience across multiple points of access, while aligning provider supply with patient demand. The company’s provider data management platform forms the foundation of its solutions, powering them with accurate and trustworthy data, improving SEO/health system website traffic, improving patient keep age, improving call center agent efficiencies, increasing online/offline appointment conversions, and much more.

ProviderMatch for Access Centers: The Kyruus provider search and scheduling solution for access centers helps agents match patients with the right providers, align provider network capacity with patient demand, and enhance operational efficiency.

ProviderMatch for Consumers: The Kyruus consumer-facing solution embeds in your website to help you boost acquisition and retention by enabling patients to find your health system, identify the right providers, and book appointments directly online.

Provider Match for Network Referrals: The Kyruus referral management solution makes it easy for referring providers to see who else is in the network, identify appropriate providers with detailed insight into their clinical expertise, and submit referrals easily.

Some of Kyruus' Clients: Banner Health, Piedmont Health, Emory Health, Baylor Scott & White Health, U of Miami Health, USC Health - Keck Medicine, Mercy Health, Providence Health, and more.

Areas of Expertise

  • Multi-Channel Patient Access (website, call center, clinics)
  • Provider Data Management
  • Online Provider Search and Scheduling
  • Call Center Agent Provider Search and Scheduling
  • Referral Network Provider Search and Scheduling
  • Network Analytics

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