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MBC Media

About Us

MBC Media is an award-winning, highly creative full-service video production company, specializing in the healthcare industry.  Our team has extensive experience shooting inside medical facilities and operating rooms, and we take pride in our ability to be creative, medically knowledgeable and sensitive to the unique demands of healthcare organizations.

Products for hospitals include our customized medical news series HealthBreak® and customized video content for social media and digital marketing, including service line videos, physician profile videos and patient testimonials.

HealthBreak® is a fully customized, turnkey marketing campaign produced for hospitals, featuring their own articulate physicians and staff. Used by hospitals in markets across the country, HealthBreak® showcases physician expertise, increases market share and builds stronger bonds between physicians and hospitals. It is exclusive to one hospital in a TV DMA.

MBC Media, creators of HealthBreak®, pioneered the use of a news segment ‘feel’ to inform viewers of a hospital’s services in an objective, credible format: a 90- or 60- second spot that airs weekly during the local news. Airtime is purchased by the hospital during a local newscast and new segments run weekly throughout the year. Segments can also be incorporated into a digital marketing campaign to drive brand awareness.

Areas of Expertise

MBC is video production company that specializes in the healthcare industry.  Areas of expertise include the production of:

  • medical news
  • physician profile videos
  • patient testimonial videos
  • service line videos
  • educational videos
  • welcome videos
  • television commercials
  • web videos
  • training videos

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