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Networking Events

Networking Events

Carolinas Healthcare Public Relations and Marketing Society (CHPRMS) hosts a variety of networking events. From round table discussions to webinars to book club get-togethers to our annual conference, CHPRMS provides great opportunities to reconnect with your peers, learn from each other, and strengthen our networking relationships.

March 2023

March Coffee and Communications: Producing News for the News 

Join us on March 17th for a virtual roundtable discussion as we share some tips and strategies on how to boost your earned media presence.

What if you could advance your brand by having more control over how local news covers your organization? You can. Newsrooms are shrinking, but their hunger for legitimate, timely health news remains strong. Robert Briggs and Andy Lyons of Roper St. Francis Healthcare will show you how to shoot short video clips of your healthcare professionals for TV news stations to broadcast. The former journalists will provide step-by-step instructions from identifying the news of the day to creating easy-to-download news packages. Why would your local TV news stations use your content for free? Because it’s exactly what they need, and they don’t have time or people to do it themselves.

Click here to download the slide deck.

Click here to view the recording.


November 2022

November Coffee and Communications: Secrets to Effective Crisis Communication

Join us on November 11th for a virtual roundtable discussion as we share some tips and best practices to ensure your team is prepared, no matter the situation.

Crisis communication is inevitable in healthcare, whether it’s a pandemic, hurricane, mass casualty incident, or even misinformation. Join us for a roundtable discussion as we share some tips and best practices to ensure your team is prepared, no matter the situation. We’ll outline some toolkit items you may need in an emergency and discuss the hard lessons we’ve learned. Melinda Daffin, Director of Digital Content for Ochsner Health System, will kick off our discussion. This is a free virtual event, just bring your own coffee! Register here.


October 2022

October Coffee and Communications: DEI and Patient Communications 

Join us on October 14th for our next Coffee and Communications: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Patient Communications.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) isn’t just a buzzworthy term, it’s something our healthcare organizations are focusing on internally and externally to solve deep-rooted issues of equality and fairness in employment and patient care. What is our responsibility as healthcare communicators to participate in this effort? What effect do we have on current and potential patients when DEI is not a part of our creative process? What positive changes can we make when we produce inclusive and thoughtful messaging? Terease Oliver, Director of Brand Strategy for UNC Health, will kick off our virtual discussion with some best practices regarding the importance of DEI and specific efforts our colleagues are making in this space. Then, we'll open a discussion to share best practices and answer questions. Bring your own coffee! View a recording of the event here.

June 2022

June Lunch & Learn: Best of the Wallie Awards

Join us for our next Lunch & Learn: Best of the Wallie Awards; a panel discussion hosted by 2021 winners to learn more about award-submission best practices. If you missed this event, you can view the video here: https://vimeo.com/723141976

It’s a mixtape of CHPRMS’ greatest hits as we invite a panel of 2021 Wallie Awards winners to share more about their submissions. You’ll hear details of the most impactful campaigns in healthcare from across the Carolinas. Plus, get ready to perfect your 2022 Wallie Award submissions with conversation about crafting your narrative and sharing the metrics that catch judges’ eyes.

Meet our panelists and their 2021 award-winning projects:

Sarah Boozer, Communications Manager, Lexington Medical Center
COVID-19, Public Relations Golden Tusk entry

Kelly Perritt, Ph.D., FACHE, PCM, Director of Marketing Campaigns, MUSC Health
VaccinateSC, Television Campaign Wallie Award entry

Dan Dunlop, Principal, Jennings
HonorBridge Internal Brand Launch, Internal Relations Golden Tusk entry

Schipp Ames, Vice President, Communications, Education and Member Services, South Carolina Hospital Association
The SCHA “Hope Tour” 2021 Special Event Golden Tusk entry

Laurie Weaver, Vice President of Marketing and Philanthropy, Monarch
What Does Monarch Do?, Video Production Wallie Award entry

May 2022

Coffee & Communication: Navigating the "New Normal" in Healthcare Marketing

More than two years into the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare marketing and PR professionals are grappling with the delicate balance of what a "new normal" looks like. What is the best way to pick up on campaigns that were put indefinitely on hold during the pandemic? How is your communications team planning for and dealing with COVID-19 waves or vaccine additions? How do you engage your internal audience amongst a significant increase in emails? What is the best way to balance the need to be in the community, but also be sensitive to different levels of comfort at events?

We may not have all the answers, but we've assembled a seasoned team of experts on our panel to address these questions and more. Feel free to send questions in advance to CHPRMS.membership@gmail.com or submit them live.

Panel members include:

  • Kerry Grace Heckle, Executive Director of Corporate & Community Relations for UNC Health
  • Emma C. Vought, Senior Campaign Manager, MUSC Health ICCE Marketing
  • Diette Casey, Corporate Communications Manager, Roper St. Francis Healthcare

Bring your own coffee and enjoy the virtual discussion!

Thank you to everyone who joined our panel discussion. To view the Zoom recording, please click here.

April 2022

CHPRMS Coffee & Communications - Friday, April 8, 2022 at 9am
"Healthcare Marketing to Seniors"

Don't let the word "senior" fool you. Baby boomers are retiring and many are living lives full of travel, activities, FaceTime with grandchildren and virtual care visits. So let's get to know this demographic better - where they are moving from, how they are consuming media, how digitally savvy they are, what sort of insurance they are using and more! From there, how can we reach them through strategic PR and marketing tactics? We will kick off with some insights from UNC Health, then dive into a round table discussion to share best practices and answer questions. This virtual event is free and open to anyone, just bring your own coffee!

Did you miss this event? Want to revisit the conversation?

Click below to see the slide deck provided by our guests, UNC Health.

CHPRMS Marketing to Seniors Presentation - Final

March 2022

Reputation Rescue on Any Budget: Build or repair your digital front door using the tools you already have in your kit, Sarah Pinnix

A 2020 Patient Experience survey showed 77% of people use online reviews as the first step in finding a new physician. Whether you already have an ORM strategy in place, need help taking it to the next level, or have yet to begin, this session will lay out a three-pronged strategy that can fit any size budget. Topics explored will include:

  • gaining C-suite support
  • communicating the “why”
  • strategy
  • staff training
  • and implementation.

We will also explore how CAHPS scores and public ORM data can work in tandem to present a thorough picture of the patient experience. You CAN get started, get better, or even rescue a struggling reputation with this proven method.

February 2022

CHPRMS Coffee & Communications- Friday, February 11, 2022 at 9am
"Boosting Team Member Morale"

As we approach almost two years of the COVID-19 pandemic, many healthcare organizations are experiencing high rates of team member burnout and turnover, in both clinical and non-clinical roles. What has your organization been doing to help boost morale, support employee rewards and recognition programs, or nurture retention? This roundtable discussion is open to anyone, but could resonate well with professionals in healthcare marketing, HR, talent acquisition, physician relations, internal communications & healthcare leadership roles. Please come ready to engage. Don't forget to bring your own coffee! You do not need to be a CHPRMS member to attend this free event.

October 2021

Please join us for our October 27th Lunch & Learn: Creating an Army of Champions: Recruiting and Empowering Expert Employees to be Your Best Brand Advocates, presented by: Claire Simmons - Director of Clinical Communications, Atrium Health

Follow Atrium Health’s journey to create brand advocates among its employees and expert physicians in this dynamic session. Focusing on social and digital media, attendees will gain valuable guidance on several areas, including: convincing senior leadership that employees’ engagement online is time well-spent, reaching and engaging frontline employees, and empowering employee experts through training and tools.

Please join us for a lively round table discussion to learn more about what hospitals and health systems in the Carolinas are doing to address vaccine policies for their workforce. As healthcare providers await more guidance from the federal government on the process and timeline for vaccinating all employees, we will hear from Tidelands Health and Novant Health on their efforts to mandate the COVID-19 vaccine for all staff. We will have an open discussion about the challenges and opportunities facing healthcare providers and share best practices learned.

Many healthcare organizations are diverting their marketing dollars from "traditional media" to go more digital. Public radio is one that may seem old school, but has produced some great results for several large healthcare organizations. There are innovative ways to approach this traditional opportunity and we look forward to having an open conversation about new ideas and best-practices.

JUNE 2021

Join us for our June Coffee & Communications: Healthcare Podcasting Best Practices

Roland Wilkerson, Manager of Brand Journalism for Novant Health, will kick off this roundtable discussion on podcasting best-practices. He will share tips and tricks, from Novant Health’s Wally-Award winning podcast series. Our hope for this round table discussion is that other members of our CHPRMS organization will chime in with what they’re doing, or hope to do, in the podcast space.

Join us for our June Lunch & Learn: Launch & Grow Your Podcast

The pandemic has catapulted the popularity of podcasting. So it’s no surprise healthcare professionals are leveraging the medium as an effective marketing and thought leadership tool. Join Heather Hoopes Matthews and Catherine Dingler of NP Strategy as they discuss their past 12 months of video podcasting, including the tactics they deployed to launch and grow the healthcare pod “Taking the Pulse – a Health Care Podcast”.


MAY 2021

APRIL 2021

MARCH 2021







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