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Networking Events

Networking Events

Carolinas Healthcare Public Relations and Marketing Society (CHPRMS) hosts a variety of networking events. From round table discussions to webinars to book club get-togethers to our annual conference, CHPRMS provides great opportunities to reconnect with your peers, learn from each other, and strengthen our networking relationships.

APRIL 2021

Coffee & Communications: Creating Successful Online Events

The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the need to find safe, alternative ways to connect with the community. Many healthcare systems have shifted to online education series, virtual health fairs, community Q&A sessions, lunch with a doctor discussions and more. But what are the keys to success when it comes to creating a virtual event? How can you meet your marketing goals or KPI’s through these events? Elena Kacan, Marketing Manager/Partnerships from OrthoCarolina will kick-off this roundtable discussion by sharing best-practices from their Wallie-Award winning “Orthopedic Anatomy Series” campaign.

Let’s share our ideas, challenges and strategies for success when it comes to creating virtual events . We hope to see you there!

Join us for our April Lunch & Learn: Insights from Geonetric's 2020 Healthcare Digital Marketing Trends

Presented by Ben Dillon, Geonetric

2020 has been a year like no other in modern healthcare marketing. And the results of the 2020 Healthcare Digital Marketing Trends Survey provides incredible insight into how healthcare marketers are changing strategies and tactics to engage their communities, communicate with employees, and stay competitive.

Get an inside look at the state of digital marketing in healthcare right now. This 10th edition of Geonetric’s popular survey gives updates on the tried-and-true benchmarking information you’ve come to rely on – from team sizes to budgets to top web functionality. But this year new sections have been added to address the heightened focus on internal communications, data transformation, content marketing, and even the overall morale of healthcare marketers today. Many CHPRMS members participated in this survey and we’re excited to share the results with you. Please join and get ready to learn more about:

· How COVID-19 has impacted digital marketing plans, budgets, and teams

· Where organizations are still investing during the pandemic

· How will digital look different going forward

MAY 2021

Join us for our May Coffee & Communications:Are You a Digital Leader, Average or Laggard? What the Geonetric Digital Marketing Trends Survey Taught Us

Krista Robertson and Jessica Puder will kick off this round table discussion sharing Roper St. Francis Healthcare’s Marketing team’s digital priorities for 2021 and how COVID-19 impacted their planning. Our hope for this round table discussion is that other members of our CHPRMS organization will chime in with what they’re doing for key areas such as digital team structure and staffing, resource allocation, top goals and areas of prioritized focus and investment. How is the pandemic (or other barriers) impacting your digital priorities? How are you moving your digital operations to the next level?

Join us for our May Lunch & Learn: Getting to the Heart of Storytelling:  How Powerful Stories Can Build Your Brand

Presented by Melinda Daffin and Colin Cooper, Oschner Health System

Ochsner Health’s mission is to “Serve, Heal, Lead, Educate and Innovate,” and we’re bringing those values to more people than ever. We’re Louisiana’s largest nonprofit healthcare system, providing care at our 40 owned, managed and affiliated hospitals and specialty hospitals and more than 100 health centers and urgent care centers across the state and now in Mississippi. Additionally, with the expansion of our virtual visit and digital medicine programs, our reach is bigger than ever, giving us the ability to serve patients no matter where they are located. That’s a good thing, right? But one challenge is helping people understand that we’re not just another big corporation. We care about all our patients, no matter where they live. How do we convey that message most effectively? The answer is powerful storytelling.

We’re continually reviewing what works on social media and what doesn’t, and it has become obvious that what works best are posts that tell a good story. Powerful images are a must, whether it is a produced video, a great photo or a live clip captured during an event. People want stories about people.

Crucial to our continued success is the expansion of three programs: influencers (mostly non-employees), Brand Ambassadors (employees) and Thought Leaders (Ochsner executives who are leaders in their field). Why? Just as people love good stories about real people, research shows that social media users trust real people to deliver those messages more than branded accounts. These programs also allow us to reach users who may not be familiar with the Ochsner brand.


MARCH 2021

Join us for our March Lunch & Learn: Learn Behavior Change Marketing in Under an Hour.

Presented by Susan Dubuque, NDP

Emerging from the worldwide pandemic and returning to some semblance of normalcy will require that 70-80% of the population of the US be vaccinated against COVID-19. Achieving this level of “herd immunity” is a tall order in an environment that is mired in fear, suspicion, and the politicization of this disease.

In 2020, UNESCO defined this COVID-19 period as a “disinfodemic” – that is, a time filled with an over-abundance of information, misinformation, and disinformation. With the staggered rollout around the world of the COVID-19 vaccine, compelling and targeted communications are vital to increasing vaccine uptake. Our employees, patients and community members must depend upon trusted sources for credible information to support decision making. (You might be surprised to learn that many healthcare workers are among the vaccine hesitant!)

In this brief session, you will learn a proven model of behavior change—the Health Belief Model. This framework is the gold standard for public health and applies not only to vaccine hesitancy, but any health improvement effort that you may be engaged in – from promoting mammograms and colonoscopies to heart health and diabetes management.

Join us for our March Coffee & Communications: Supporting Our Frontline Staff

Sarah McClannahan will kick off this round table discussion talking about the ways Lexington Medical Center's Marketing team is working to support their frontline staff. Our hope for this round table discussion is that other members of our CHPRMS organization will chime in with examples of what they're doing. We'd love to know what's working for you! What hurdles are you running into? Where are you seeing positive or negative feedback? What are your plans moving forward?

We learn from each other in these discussions and now is a really valuable time to share ideas, challenges, and strategies for success. We hope to see you there!


Join us for our February Lunch & Learn: Where Healthcare Marketers Need to Focus in 2021.

Presented by Danny Fell, Optum

Coming off an incredibly challenging 2020, healthcare marketers find themselves off to a rocky start to the new year teetering between the positive potential of the new COVID vaccine and the ongoing reality of a pandemic exponentially accelerating across many parts of the country. While the persistence of the pandemic prolongs hospital efforts to restore normal operations and convince concerned patients to return for care, the COVID vaccination opens a unique window of opportunity to engage consumers in the community and bring the pandemic closer to ending.

Despite what will likely be a dynamic and unpredictable marketplace for the first half of the year, strategists and marketing communications professionals can continue to play a vital role in helping their organizations to survive while also positioning them for better days ahead. To that end, this Lunch & Learn presentation will provide six strategies for making the most of 2021 and beyond that marketers should be thinking about now.


The Role of Marketers in Addressing Health Disparities and Inequities. 

Presented by Dan Dunlop, Jennings

In America, minority populations disproportionately suffer and die from chronic health conditions (diabetes, hypertension) and illnesses like COVID-19. This is currently the status quo in our nation, although the pandemic has helped to increase awareness of this failing of our health system. What can we do as marketers to help our organizations address health disparities in our communities? How can we help take our organizations beyond simply speaking out against systemic racism? How can we take action and address the social determinants of health in our communities? In this presentation, I will give examples of the steps organizations and marketers are taking to take on these challenges.

Join us for our virtual networking series, Coffee & Communications. Our topic for January is: Selling the Benefits of the COVID Vaccine.

Nichole Stevens (Roper St. Francis) and Kelly Perritt (MUSC) will kick off this discussion about how they are selling the benefits of the COVID vaccine. Our hope for this round table discussion is that other members of our CHPRMS organization will chime in with examples of what they are doing. We'd love to know what's working for you! What are your challenges? Where are you seeing positive or negative feedback? What are your plans moving forward?

We learn from each other in these discussions and now is a really valuable time to share ideas and struggles. We hope to see you there!

Join us for our new virtual networking series, Coffee & Communications. Our topic for November is: Outsmarting vs Outspending the Competition in 2021.

Last year’s marketing plan was obsolete by March. Next year’s plan will need to be very fluid as the residual impact of COVID-19 remains unknown. How will you strike a balance between driving growth and budget stewardship while planning for 2021? What strategies can be put in place to outsmart vs. outspend your competition? Let’s share ideas that will benefit all of our organizations.

Beyond the Word 'Pivot': How Ortho Carolina changed directions and re-focused to deploy a new marketing strategy

Presented by Blair Primis, Ortho Carolina

Ortho Carolina adjusted from thinking about our strategy as a marketing approach to that of a brand approach.
As a team, we worked to better understand how our patients 'needed' to see us in the future, post-outbreak and post-Covid. We quickly developed, created and launched a new effort with this new approach in mind.

The Path to Healthcare Marketing Nirvana:  Achieve Marketing Nirvana with Detailed Understanding of Your Patient Acquisition Performance All the Way from Lead to Patient

Presented by Meghan Foreman Dimas and Ted Rooke, Infinity Marketing

As the landscape continues to change, patients have more options than ever for healthcare. Access has increased through higher levels of competition in care delivery, including the emergence of telehealth. Having an informed marketing strategy to reach new and existing patients at the right time with the right message is more critical than ever. Needs and expectations are evolving rapidly and marketing solutions need to be dynamic in order to move the needle. Now, more than ever, marketing is a business driver, with the focus on driving growth and volume faster than incurring costs enterprise-wide. Data serves as the heartbeat of healthcare marketing efforts, but how do you turn abstract data into an actionable roadmap to success?

In this session, you’ll learn:

• The importance of having an automated enterprise analytics process and systemwide alignment on data

• What metrics to track at every stage along the continuum of care to determine the true value of marketing and the impact of each patient

• How to build a roadmap to success between a lead and downstream activity tied to business goals and trackable marketing objectives

Join us for our new virtual networking series, Coffee & Communications. Our topic for October is Utilizing Influencer Marketing.

We'd love to know what is working for you, especially during this new reality. If you haven't used it, what is holding you back? If you have used it, what hurdles have you had to overcome to get people on board? What are some best practices you would recommend? What is working? What did you try that didn't work? What advice you might give to a marketing team that wants to get started with influencer marketing?

Join us for CHPRMS first ever Book Club event: A Book & A Beverage. For our inaugural event, we'll be discussing Atul Gawande's book, Being Mortal. So bring an adult beverage and your book and let's take advantage of this opportunity to rekindle or start new CHPRMS friendships. Use this link to order a copy of Atul Gawande's Being Mortal: https://amzn.to/31WjsE1


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