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2018 Conference Agenda

45 Years of Innovation

Wednesday, December 5

8 a.m. – Registration Opens

10:15 a.m. – Welcome

10:30 a.m. – Opening Keynote Presentation
Location: Carolina Ballroom
Joe Public III: The End of Hospital Marketing
Chris Bevelo, Executive Vice President, Revive Health

Historically, “hospital marketing” has had a slightly negative connotation given that, as a whole, the health system sector was years behind other industries in its understanding and application of marketing and branding. But over the past few years, this gap has clearly closed, as a number of leading health system marketers are taking advanced and innovative approaches to marketing and branding. Or put another way, we’ve arrived at a place where great hospital marketing can be described simply as great marketing. In this presentation, Chris will share findings from his new book, Joe Public III: The End of Hospital Marketing, which outlines the new imperatives for hospital and health system marketers, based on dozens of hours of interviews with the top marketers in our field.

Noon – Lunch & Learn
Location: Carolina Ballroom
Media Panel
Join us as we talk with a panel of regional journalists about how you can authentically connect with members of the media and get your stories covered. Learn about what it really takes to build mutually beneficial relationships with journalists and the media.
Panelists include:
Shelby Livingston, Modern Healthcare
Carolyn Murray, WCBD, Charleston
Kristen Miranda, WBTV, Charlotte
Lauren Sausser, Post & Courier

1:15-2:15 p.m. – Concurrent sessions
Session 1
Location: Gold Ballroom
Implementing a Powerful Thought Leadership Content Marketing Program (And how to successfully engage your leadership in the program!)
Dan Dunlop & Cristal Herrera, Director of Marketing and Customer Engagement, Renown Health

The marketing team at Renown Health was tasked with growing the organization's reputation nationally. Their response was to develop and execute a comprehensive thought leadership content marketing program that would effectively grow Renown's visibility, reputation, and stature within the industry. The target audience included influentials within Nevada and across the country: healthcare executives nationally - physician leaders, health system executives, and industry peers; industry and national news media; online physician, nursing, allied health support communities and bloggers; and business and government leaders in Nevada. Renown’s CEO, Dr. Tony Slonim, was prominently featured in the marketing program.

Session 2
Location: Calhoun Room
Using CRM to Drive Volume Through Engaging Consumer Campaigns- hands on case studies - The challenge is on for healthcare marketers to drive revenue for their organization. Hear success strategies, results and lessons learned from your colleagues in NC & SC.
Jessica Puder, CRM Manager, Roper St. Francis Healthcare
Christine Albert, Vice President of Marketing and Communications for LCMC Health

2:15-3 p.m. – Enjoy a break with our sponsors
Location: Pre Mezzanine

3-4 p.m. – Concurrent Sessions
Session 1
Location: Gold Ballroom
Crawl Before You Walk, Walk Before You Run: Why Covering the Basics is Essential for Top SERP Performance
Mark Samber, MDS Strategic Digital Marketing

Likely 60% to 70% of the visitors to your website come from an organic search, and most of those are probably not visiting your homepage as their entry point into your brand. So why do hospitals and healthcare organizations spend the most of their digital marketing dollars on the design of the homepage and neglect the things that will make their sites show up high in search engine results pages (SERP)? In this session we will talk about how to get proficient at the three basic pillars of good SEO: content & on-page SEO, technical performance, and off-page linking. Once your site has covered these, it’s time to focus on local search, directory listings, and structured data/schema.org as the foundation for intermediate level SEO improvement. Finally we'll talk about how more advanced optimization strategies and cross-channel performance that leverages PPC, paid social, and marketing automation can improve organic search traffic. And we'll wrap up the session with an eye to the future of voice search and what it means for your organization.

Session 2
Location: Calhoun Room
Mapping Marketing to Moments - Using Content and CRM to Convert (at Northwell Health)
Andrew Hanelly, Partner & Creative Director Revmade Health

A successful content strategy blends the art of creating editorial-quality content and the science of conversion-driven distribution that maps that content to key moments in your customer or prospective customers lives.  In this presentation, we’ll walk you through how the team at Northwell Health is using this approach with their digital editorial platform The Well, the company’s revolutionary media property that has an editorial soul and a CRM brain. We’ll share the strategy that drives our editorial mission and give you a glimpse into the experiments and campaigns that help us grow our audience and generate results.

5:30-7 p.m. – Networking Event - Vintage Lounge, 545 King Street, Charleston, SC 29403 (11 minute walk from the Francis Marion Hotel)

Dinner on your own

Thursday, December 6

7 a.m. – Free Yoga at Urban Yoga sponsored by Full Media, 484 King St #207, Charleston, SC 29403. (Click here to reserve your space) Password: CHPRMS

8:30 a.m. – Breakfast & Ignite Sessions
Location: Gold Ballroom
1. Galvanizing Employees Behind a New Mission and Vision – Marcey Stone, Atrium Health
Learn how a 35,000-employee healthcare company used a new mission and vision to renew its employees’ enthusiasm and energy for the work they do every day. In this hands-on training, test your skills in messaging, design review and more.

2. How we created a consistent culture and communications (with over 40 locations in two states) - Amanda Fowler, OrthoCarolina

3. How a Physician Outreach Team is using a data driven plan to promote and grow spine business for a health system in eastern NC – Joy Hill, Vidant Health

9:15 -10:30 a.m. – Is Your Website ADA Compliant (and Does it Matter)?
Location: Gold Ballroom
Spence Hackney and Chris Barnette President and Senior Relationship Manager, Proclaim Interactive, Inc.

  • Basics of liability associated with website ADA compliance.
  • How to assess if your website is ADA compliant.
  • Steps to make your website ADA compliant.

We’ve known for years that there was significant benefit (and decreased liability) in making our physical offices compliant with the Americans with Disability Act (ADA). Over the past few years this same ADA compliance standard has been routinely applied to medical websites throughout the country. We’ve lead teams developing large ADA-compliant websites as well as remediating existing websites to make them compliant. We’ll use this experience to help you understand the benefits and liabilities associated with ADA compliance, how to find out if you meet the standard (you might be surprised), and how to remediate your current site so that it complies with ADA.

10:30-11:15 a.m. – Break & Sponsor Spotlight
Location: Gold Ballroom

11:15 a.m.-12:15 p.m.  – Whole Human Video Storytelling
Sean Tracey, Founder and CEO, Sean Tracey Associates
Location: Gold Ballroom

In this exciting and motivating session, we’ll learn how to tell great stories with video, appealing to every sense and sensibility of the viewer. Showing examples of best practices in TV, online videos, “how to,” testimonial, “explainer” and infographic movies, and other modern motion media, marketers can engage and inform their audiences better than ever. Creative Strategist and long-time video director/producer, Sean Tracey, will help you realize how you can apply digital strategies to your own financial marketing and brand stories.

12:30-1:30 p.m. – Lunch & CHPRMS Annual Meeting
Location: Carolina Ballroom

1:30-2:30 p.m. – Concurrent Sessions
Session 1
Location: Calhoun Room
Get Inside Your Audience's Head and Heart!
Alex Swire-Clark, CEO, Alex Swire-Clark, Inc.

Have you ever met someone that you wanted to connect with but just couldn't quite make it work?  Perhaps, you are trying to build a team and just can't keep conflict from happening.  Maybe when working with people you simply want to increase productivity and decrease stress.  This session will help you understand how you communicate, how others communicate and give you strategies to help "speak their language" which decreases the costs of miscommunication and increases engagement with your target audience!

Session 2
Location: Colonial Ballroom
Join the experts from South Carolina’s first accredited Telehealth Center, MUSC and learn how to talk to patients about Virtual Health.
Kelly M. Perritt, Ph.D., FACHE, Brand Communications Manager and Emily Sigmon, MHA, Urgent Care

Session 3
1:30-3:45 p.m.
Location: Gold Ballroom

The Story Gatherers, Interactive workshop– (note this session will last all afternoon) presented by Sean Tracey

Want to learn how to make your own “home grown, in-house” videos?
In this 2-hour, roll-up your sleeves, interactive workshop, attendees will get a deeper dive into what Sean describes in his morning Keynote Presentation. That is…how to dream up, create, and produce video stories and content, on your own or with your team, for your organization. We’ll work hands-on with simple cameras, smart phones, camera supports, audio equipment, and editing software that’ll get you results that will impress. You’ll learn to match the right approach and equipment to your concept. And, you’ll walk away with checklists developed by Sean over decades, and in his video storytelling classes at Emerson College Boston. You’ll also get a recommended equipment list (including pricing) so you can go back to your departments with the tools and ammunition for getting down to telling your brand’s unique stories with in-house video.

2:30-2:45 p.m. – Enjoy a break with our sponsors
Location: Pre-Function Mezzanine

2:45 – 3:45 p.m. – Concurrent Breakout Sessions
Session 1
Location: Calhoun Room
Apps – Today’s Prescription – There’s An App for That – How Healthcare is Using Apps
Sachin Patel, MUSC, Developer TACHL & Krista Robertson, Manager Digital Innovation, Roper St. Francis Healthcare

Session 2
Location: Colonial Ballroom
What Healthcare Marketers Can Learn from Amazon
Eric Silberman, President, True North Custom

As Amazon advances into the healthcare market, hospitals and other providers are bracing for impact against the e-commerce giant’s proven model for acquiring and growing customers. To help healthcare leaders compete against a global brand universally considered the gold standard for consumer-centricity, here are a few pages to borrow from the Amazon playbook.

3:45-4 p.m. – Sponsor Speed Networking

7 p.m. – Wallie Dinner and Reception- Through The Ages (Colonial Ballroom)
9 p.m. – Disco Dance Party Sponsored by Healthgrades
(Gold Ballroom)

Friday, December 7

8:30-9:30 p.m. - Breakfast & Legislative Update
Location: Colonial Ballroom

9:30-10 a.m. – Ignite Sessions

1. Zero Harm – Eva Foussat, SCHA

2. Breaking down an internal communications success story -Top five influencers that led to the internal communications transformation at Vidant Health.  Katie Frick, Vidant Health

3. The Four Digital Pillars of a Strong Practice – Cynthia Newton, Direct of Client Success, Doctor.com

10-11:30 a.m. – Closing Keynote: Experience IS the Marketing: Exploring a Strategic Partnership
Dr. Julie Oehlert, Chief Experience Officer, Vidant Health
Location: Colonial Ballroom

The essence of the concept that Experience IS the Marketing is that a strategic partnership between Marketing/Branding and the Office of Experience is necessary to create, sustain, and memorialize an authentic brand that is vitalized through the lived experiences of team members and patients.  This work can only be successful if the executive level leaders work together with a unified, single vision and plan.  In addition to exploring the necessity of this strategic alignment, a case study of Vidant Health’s journey and successes in unifying internal and external communication, lexicon, and branding with experience initiatives will be reviewed.

11:30 a.m.- noon – Wrap up and door prizes

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