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Check out this 2015 Wallie Award-winning case study from our friends at High Point Regional Health!

Wallie Award Winner: GOLD
We Will Urgent Care Print Campaign
Newspaper Ad – Campaign
High Point Regional Health & Knox Creative

Wallie Award Winner: SILVER
We Will Brand Print Campaign
Newspaper Ad – Campaign
High Point Regional Health & Knox Creative

Brand Print Ad 3-page-001 Brand Print Ad 2-page-001 Brand Print Ad 1-page-001

Wallie Award Winner: GOLD
We Will Radio Ad Campaign
Radio Ad – Campaign
High Point Regional Health & Knox Creative

Urgent Care Radio 30 Music Down


Brand Radio 30 091914


Husband Wife Radio 30 Music Down


Father Son Radio 30 Music Down



Wallie Award Winner: GOLD
We Will Television Ads Campaign
Television Ad – Campaign
High Point Regional Health & Knox Creative

Statement of Purpose: For several years High Point Regional Health had a campaign that focused on positive outcomes for patients. In early 2013, we merged with UNC Health Care. At that time, a short campaign was launched to rebrand the hospital as part of the system and elevate the presence of UNC in our community.

In 2014, High Point Regional Health needed to capitalize on the brand of the system to build awareness of our presence in the community. Using data from our partners with NRC, we knew that our preference and awareness ratings had been stable over the last few years. Looking at patient volumes in our urgent care clinics as well as our online web/social media stats, we had also been maintaining but not growing significantly in market share. Considering all of the data and the increasingly competitive healthcare market in which we reside, we knew we needed to launch a large scale branding campaign to closely tie the prestige and expertise of UNC Health Care with High Point Regional Health.

Concept to Address the Situation: We engaged with Knox Marketing who completed a thorough competitive analysis of our market. Knowing our hospital was well known for highly compassionate, personalized care, we crafted messages that would show the relationship between the two entities with a focus on how it would benefit “you” the individual. Our target audience was women 35-50 with insurance and a household income of $50,000 plus in our primary and secondary markets.

We developed a broad multimedia campaign around the theme of “We Will.” “We Will” is more than a campaign theme; it is our promise to the people of the region. A promise to bring medical excellence. A promise to bring the latest treatments and procedures. And a promise that no matter how big or advanced we become, we will always place a priority on the personal touch.

Our “We Will” campaign included a series of hospital print ads and urgent care print ads as well as television commercials and radio commercials. All individuals featured in the ads were our own staff and/or patients. The ultimate goal of our print ads was to demonstrate our compassionate care while connecting emotionally with the reader - setting us apart from our competitors who tended to focus more on “fast, convenient care.” The ads also were designed to position our physicians as "experts" in the community.

Evaluation and Measurement: Specific goals included increasing our NRC preference and awareness rankings along with advertising recall and seeing noticeable improvements in our consumer decision model targets. We also wanted to increase our web/social media traffic as well. Specific results:

• NRC Preference & Awareness: Top of Mind Awareness moved from 54.90% to 63.40%

• NRC Preference & Awareness: Hospital Advertising Recall moved from 37.00% to 43.00%

• High Point Regional website hits increased from 143,384 users to 160,952 users

• UNC Regional Physicians website hits increased from 36,519 users to 64,188 users; in addition the Urgent Care page received the most hits on the whole site

• Facebook likes increased from 1532 to 2352

• In addition, our Urgent Care clinics noted increases in calls and visits after each urgent care ad run.

• Anecdotally, our commercials were very well received throughout the community and even mimicked by other affiliates within the UNC Health Care system.

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